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New York and New Jersey fashion and conceptual art photographer.

Published in VOLO, the  World’s #1 Nude Art Magazine.

Published in VOLO, the World’s #1 Nude Art Magazine.

About Michael J. Bambuch

  Hello there, I'm Mike and a photographer who resides in northern New Jersey.

    I primarily photograph people. I say primarily because I am aware it's not cool nowadays to shoot everything. You may find non human subjects scattered through my work.  I love conceptual ideals. I want my photos to be dynamic, to shape a perception, whatever you feel it might be. I like to think of my subjects as actors in a play. It's the very idea that drew me into photography in the first place. Someone can be anyone given the right light and attitude. Puns, don't you love them?

     I never went to art school. I try my hardest to leave any pretentious banter at the door.  I won't be able to explain or defend my work with gregarious themes and deeper meanings. That doesn't mean I frown upon art school kids. I just subscribe to the idea that you can just shoot something and like it. It doesn't have to go further than that. If you find something deeper, kudos, I've done something to illicit a response. I suppose that's what art is about? Who knows? Just do the work and everything else can come after.

      My photographic inspirations are Ritts, Lagrange, Blumenfeld, Wolf, Avedon and Walker with a little Sorrenti mixed in. I don't think my work necessarily looks like their images, but they drive a lot of what I do. 

     I am available for hire in commercial, portraiture, editorial and fashion related projects. On the off beat chance you have read this far, I do not work for "exposure." Exposure doesn't put gas in my car or feed me. Always understand the worth of hiring someone with a skill that you don't have. If you are looking for photos that involve straight portraiture, boudoir, weddings, engagements and life events you may visit my other website, www.michaeljacobsphoto.com. Thank you.