This is the Blog of Michael J. Bambuch, conceptual art, fashion and body photographer based in New York and New Jersey.

Another home for me to live.

For a long time I thought I could just be the photographer that did it all. I have found this confuses people profoundly. I am pretty stubborn by nature and took me a while and a lot of people saying the same thing to finally do this. This is now the home of Michael J. Bambuch, photographer. My business, Michael Jacobs Photo LLC, will continue as usual but completely focus on portraits/headshots, weddings/boudoir/engagements and other life events. This site will be more organic, unrestrained and generally feature the work that my clients would not usually likely be a part of. It needed its own home and a place to grow as my more family friendly work has. I will do my best to update this as work with new creatives in North Carolina. The ideas behind these images are the reasons why I became a photographer. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed making them.