This is the Blog of Michael J. Bambuch, conceptual art, fashion and body photographer based in New York and New Jersey.

The execution of all things.

I stressed that it would take a lot more time for me to balance two websites and so far I have proven myself completely right.  Overwhelming anxiety has caused me to not even attempt at balancing either. Luckily, I'm also very good at kicking myself in the ass so here is an attempt at moving the needle of productivity. Summer here in North Carolina has rendered a lot of my outdoor creative ideas useless because of the Trader Joe's forsaken humidity. Maybe I should do some shoots based on sweating. That's a horrible mental image, I apologize. Thankfully, if I need to, I can convert my living room into a studio space. It's not the most glamorous and you can see my box of cinnamon toast crunch in the kitchen while I shoot, but it works.  

     In other news, I'm trying to get this website a little more fleshed out. It does have some of my quality work but just not enough. Life, this website, will always be a work in progress.  I'll get there. I just need to keep telling myself this. You just just have to do the work. Don't let anyone interfere. Don't be afraid that it's not good. If you just do the work, good will come.

I'm planning a trip to Boston this August 12th-16th -ish. I still haven't finalized the end date but I am excited to work with some old friends and some new people as well. It's still my home in my head and I am needing a big dose of northern hospitality or as I like to call it, not being a passive aggressive shit head of a bless your heart, thank you very much mouth breather.(Thanks stranger things) I love run on sentences, don't I? I've come to the realization that I will never be fully comfortable living here. That's okay. I'm not going to go running some place else just because of this. I can be comfortable with the friends and relationships I keep. These past 8 months have showed me some really wonderful people do exist anywhere. I'm looking at you Pi,Ellen,Robin, Nastia, Meeza, Shawn, Rachel and Lori and the others that have been so kind to me in this adventure. My point? Just don't let go of the values you grew up with and you will find people who are likeminded. 

Okay then, so photo blog yes. I should be showing photos. I've been sitting on these for a while because of submissions into various magazines. Unfortunately they were not picked up but that's alright. I am still proud of my team. I couldn't ask for better people to work with. It was an awful day weather-wise and our schedule was a little wonky but we were able to pull off some great images. This was shot at the Pratt greenhouses in Long Island. It's a beautiful wildlife preserve now and probably every 15 year old's smoke spot. Models: Kayla and Maya(of anchor talent) Hair/makeup/original pieces by Katie Ciampa